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Brenda Bagley

Media Specialist

Media Services      

The Bagley Media Group is a Media Planning and Buying service which was formed to help clients sort through all of the media in the advertising world. We figure out what is best for each client, then negotiate and spend their advertising dollars where it makes sense.


We structure optimal media buys in less time, negotiate hard for our clients and negotiate value enhancing opportunities that stretch media exposure for our clients.


BMG is especially known for our high level of services, honesty and integrity.

We work with advertising agencies and direct clients and are proud that we have a history of longevity with our clients.

No matter how creative a message is, it will be ineffective if not placed within the correct medium or media mix.  Often advertisers have a terrific creative idea, but do not know where to place their advertising. That's why we're here, to help get your message to the right people .
Use an expert and watch your business grow.

  • Benefits                 

    • Strategic media planning and buying

    • Over 20 years of media planning and buying experience

    • Handle traffic and invoicing

    • Posting of television media buys

    • Organizational skills

    • *Rather than spending time handling your advertising while also running your business, let BMG do the work for you!

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